Live Daily Care Call Services For Seniors Across Canada 

Ideal Caregivers 4u Live Daily Care Call Services for

your loved ones to check-in on them.

  • All Care Calls is to help your loved ones remain safe, happy and keep a healthy lifestyle.  Our Caregiver Personnel will encourage your loved ones' daily wellness, activities and make sure they are don't feel isolated from society.

  • Keeping in touch or daily check-in will be the difference between someone feeling hopeless and isolated.

  • A friendly conversation is completely customized to their lifestyle, needs and health.

  • If they need assistance or do not answer, we can notify the family, friend or emergency contact.

  • Our Caregiver Personnel is all Personal Support Workers who are experts with mild to moderate memory loss.

  • You choose the times and how many times per week.

  • No contracts required.

  • Available across Canada.

Live Daily Care Calls and Medication Reminders

All Care Calls is to help your loved ones remain safe, happy and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Care Calls are to make sure your loved ones are living well, eating on time, drink plenty of fluids, and we can assess if they need any help.​​

Medication Reminder Care Calls are done throughout the day to reinforce your loved ones and encourage proper medication adherence at dosage times. 


  • Live, experienced Caregiver Personnel.

  • We will keep an online inventory of all medications.

  • Maintain and track the medication schedule.

  • Report any side effects to family members and medical personnel.

  • Reminders to take medications on time and in the proper dosage.

  • An online secure reporting system that is accessible to you to review at your convenience 24/7 days per week about our conversations.

Ideal Caregivers 4u Daily Care Call Program is now available across Canada!

Let us check in on your loved ones when you cannot.

Research shows that seniors are more likely to be socially isolated when living alone. Living alone with little communication with others can put them at risk for depression, anxiety, poor health, reduces the quality of life, higher incidence of chronic disease, an increase of memory loss, higher risk of falls, and not eating well.

Our experienced Caregiver Personnel will encourage their daily wellness activities and make sure they feel a sense of belonging and community.  Our staff are friendly, caring and have experience caring for those with or without mild to moderate memory loss. They may also assess whether your loved ones require additional care services or assistance. If they do, we immediately take the necessary steps to get them to help they need.

It's fast and easy to register. No contracts; just choose the package that works best for you, whether its short term or long term services, find the peace of mind you need.

Daily Care Calls are an affordable way to leave a positive impact on the physical and emotional health of your loved ones.  Ideal Caregivers 4u offers daily, weekly, and even monthly plans that suit your needs. Packages can range from 1 to 3 calls per day or for weeks at a time while you are away on vacation.

Know that your loved ones are in good hands.  Ideal Caregivers 4u is THE future in Caregiving services for seniors in Canada.

This small gesture, with daily care calls, can go a long way.  

Tel: 613-769-1669

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