Levels of Care Options

Companionship Care

Our companion services enable clients to participate in everyday living activities.
Clients are independent inmost areas of Daily Living but benefit from a companion to assist with socialization and community engagement.


  • Companionship for the sick, elderly, or those recovering from injury/illness

  • Plan and accompany clients to social events and activities

  • Adhere to any medical, dietary, and exercise plans

  • Basic Housekeeping

Tier Two Care

Our Tier Two level of care includes Companionship services and is provided to clients who may be independent in some Activities of Daily Living, such as feeding oneself.
However, they require assistance with other tasks to ensure proper health and wellness.


  • Companionship Service

  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living, such as dressing and feeding

  • Supervision during tasks and activities to ensure safety and participation

Tier One Care

Our Tier One level of care includes Companionship Service and is provided to clients who are primarily independent.
The client may need reminders to perform Activities of Daily Living and engage with others through companionship and participation.


  • Companionship Service

  • Provide reminders to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

  • Supervision during tasks and activities to ensure safety and participation

Tier Three Care

Our Tier Three level of care includes Companionship services and is provided to clients with moderate to full impairments that affect multiple Activities of Daily Living.


  • Companionship Service

  • A comprehensive level of assistance in personal care (i.e. bathing, dressing, grooming and hygiene)

  • Supervision during tasks and activities to ensure safety and participation

**Pricing determined after consultation

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Medical Appointment Services

This option is provided to clients who require temporary, one-time use, or regular services to attend scheduled medical appointments.

  • Attending a medical appointment with the client

  • Transportation arranged to and from home to medical appointment destination

  • Medication pick-up or arrangements, if necessary

  • Follow-up call the next day

  • Written report provided to family/primary caregiver to communicate any information gathered during the visit and/or any follow-up needed.

**Minimum 3-hours service                                    Cost $125.00


Live Daily Wellness Calls & Medication Reminders

Live Wellness Calls help your loved ones feel safe, happy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Our trained, friendly Caregivers will encourage your loved ones' daily wellness and
activities while making sure they don't feel isolated from the community around them.


What's Included?

  • Daily, live phone calls by experienced Caregivers

  • Maintaining and tracking their medication schedule

  • Reporting of any side effects to family members and medical personnel via contact information or emergency services

  • Reminders for taking medications on time and in the proper dosage.

  • Access to an online secure reporting system accessible to review at your convenience 24/7 that will contain information about our Wellness Call

Need Short-term Service?
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3 Calls per Day............................$79.99/wk

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Wellness Call Packages

1 Call Daily per Month.................$135.00/month

2 Calls Daily per Month................$240.00/month

3 Calls Daily per Month................$345.00/month

**All packages require a set-up fee of $15.00 + HST.


Research shows that seniors are more likely to be socially isolated when living alone. Living alone with
little communication with others can put them at risk for depression, anxiety, and poor health. this, in
turn, reduces their quality of life, increases the incidence of chronic disease, memory loss, greater risk of
falls, and not eating well. Daily Wellness Calls are an affordable way to leave a positive impact on the
physical and emotional health of your loved ones. Ideal Caregivers 4u offer monthly plans that suit your
needs. Packages can range from 1 to 3 calls per day or for a week while you are away on vacation.


Know that your loved ones are in good hands. Ideal Caregivers 4u is
THE future in Caregiving services for seniors in Canada.