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3 Tips to Get Active

The Autumn season has officially started and it's a great time to be active! Not only is the weather outdoors more comfortable with the cooler temperatures, but it's also a visually stunning time of year especially in Canada where the leaves are changing colours!

Of course, being active outside isn't the only way to maintain your overall health. There are also great indoor activities you can try too!

Here are 3 tips to getting active and help you to improve or maintain your health at any age!

Find what you Enjoy

The most important tip is to find an activity you like, such as swimming or cycling. When you enjoy an activity, you are more willing to continue and participate in the activity on a daily or weekly basis. Select from a range of aerobic (continuous movements that make you breathe deeply) or strengthening activities that will keep muscles and bones strong.

Find the Time

For some of us, finding the time to exercise or be active can be a challenge. That is why starting with 10 minutes a day is a great place to begin...every bit helps! When you then start to notice that you can go a little longer, try adding another 5 - 10 minutes to your routine and build your level of intensity up.

Make it Social

Being active also includes being social, if that's what you choose. There are benefits to performing activities alone as a form of meditation and self-care, but taking it to another level with some activities, socialization is key! Look for group activities or fitness classes in your local community or get your family and friends active with you.

Make it Fun

If you are finding an activity you already enjoy, then it's already fun! But what about the everyday ways we can challenge ourselves in a fun way that can also increase our activity level? Well, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator when possible. Or perhaps carry your groceries home, instead of using the car for a short distance.

Still not sure where to begin? Walk! Walking each and every day, even for just 10 minutes, can create healthy habits and has a variety of overall benefits.

Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

There are a number of benefits to staying active, such as improving your balance and posture, reducing falls and injuries, and helps you stay independent longer. For some, having n active lifestyle can help prevent heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers.

Before you begin any physical activity, also speak with your health care professional to ensure it's right for you. They will assess your current medical condition or any suspected conditions that may affect the type or duration of activities.

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