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An Ombre Pinecone Craft

We went for a walk in our neighbourhood and we found many beautiful pinecones in the paths of the Trans Canada Trails of Stittsville, Ontario.

We must of collected over 20 of the pinecones and put them in a large clay bowl on our bookcase and started thinking about dressing them up after collecting a basket full.

We went to the local craft store and started looking around for ideas and Voilà!

We decided to paint just the tips of a pinecone to give it a pop of colour.

What's Needed:

- A pinecone

- Three or four shades of the same colour of acrylic paint

- An angled paintbrush

- An inexpensive toothbrush

What To Do:

1. If you're doing this step outdoors, be sure to clean your toothbrush off of any dirt or bugs.

2. Apply the first shade with a paintbrush to 1/4 of the pinecone (start at the bottom with the darkest shade and work your way up).

3. Paint the next shade over the next 1/4 of the pinecone.

4. Continue with the remaining shades until you reach the top.

You can use three different shades for a small or medium-sized pinecone, and for a large pinecone, you can use four different shades.

This will allow you to see the ombre effect. Just by adding a bit of colour to the tip of the pinecone, it can become both attractive and vibrant. Pinecones can add a pop of colour to any festive occasion or otherwise dull space.