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Benefits of Elderly Companionship

Companionship at any age has a number of benefits to a person's health and well-being. However, for seniors and the elderly in care facilities, the benefits are even greater.

As our loved one's age, it is difficult to see them any less than the vibrant, active, independent people they once were. Ageing brings with it limited mobility, isolation, and at times cognitive decline. That is why companionship is even more important as we age. We know that recently spending time with our loved ones has been more challenging than other years, but as the world begins to open up from the pandemic, there is hope on the horizon.

Here at Ideal Caregivers 4u, we believe that connecting with others is the key to wellness. That is why one of the services we provide is Companionship with our caring, professional, and well-trained team members. We find that our clients are more active, socialize more with other residents, and maintain a healthier diet and hydration when sharing a meal with our team.

Still not sure if Companionship is for your loved one? Here are some additional benefits that a service likes ours can provide.

Peace of Mind

As a caregiver, getting to know your elderly loved one is key to establishing a relationship of trust, understanding, and care. When considering companionship for your ageing parent, partner, or another family member, it can be challenging to let someone else in to care for them. After all, you know them best. However, Caregivers, Health Care Aides, and Personal Support Workers are there to provide peace of mind. They will get to know their changing needs, provide support to both you and those in their care, as well as offer you opportunities for your own respite and self-care.

Plan of Care

One way that support is provided with Companionship, is the Plan of Care that is created when services begin. This outlines the dietary, medical, and personal needs that your loved one requires. Sharing information about their hobbies, interests, and even their favourite television show are great ways to establish a rapport and understanding of the level of care provided. This plan is customized to your loved one's needs. Whether it's assistance encouraging them at mealtime or helping them venture out of their room to visit with others, their individualized care plan is a key component of service.

Social Interaction

Whether living in their private home or in long-term care or retirement community, loneliness and isolation can be a concern. Often older adults refrain from social activities, due to limited mobility, cognitive decline, or memory lapses. Having a companion increases their opportunities for friendship. Someone to talk to, share stories with, and accompany them to social activities such as games, celebrations, or trips to a local park. This opportunity allows them to feel a sense of belonging, community, and familiarity.

Health & Well-Being

With a well-established plan of care and increasing social interaction, good health and mental well-being will follow. Encouraging proper nutrition, hydration, and physical activity helps to maintain or even improve physical health. Creating routines, participating in social gatherings, such as playing board games, or discovering their talents with art, music, and crafts promotes better mental health, reduces anxiety and stress, and improves their outlook on life.

Speak to one of our friendly, professional, and experienced team members to find out more about the benefits of Companionship and how we can help your loved one live with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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