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Water Aerobics for Seniors

Looking for ways to continue your fitness efforts during these long cold winters?

Try water aerobics!

What is Water Aerobics?

Sometimes called aqua fit, Water Aerobics is a series of aerobic exercises often performed in a swimming pool or body of water, such as at the beach or lake. This activity incorporates a number of low-impact exercises and resistance training while in waist-deep water (although deep-water classes are also available) and is generally led by a trained instructor.

What is Involved?

As with many fitness classes and activities, water aerobics involves a warm-up, cardio and strength-training routines, and a cooldown. You won't be swimming in the water, as it's typically done in a shallow end of a pool or waist-deep water and performed standing up.

Some exercises can be as simple as walking in the water, leg lifts, and bicep curls. Depending on your range of motion and fitness level, you may also do water jogging, kickboard moves, high knees, squats, and jumping jacks.

What are the Health Benefits?

Since this activity is low impact and uses the buoyancy of the water, it means that the exercises performed are easier on the joints and help to relieve back and muscle pain. Water aerobic activities are beneficial for seniors as it reduces the risk of falls that may occur during traditional "land" exercises and aides with those who suffer from chronic pain.

These exercises also help to improve flexibility, build muscle and strength by using the resistance from the water and help improve heart and lung functions. For those with a little extra weight, water aerobics offers a gentle, low-impact way to lose those extra pounds and also aides in keeping your blood sugar under control if you have Diabetes.

As socialization is key for many isolated seniors in retirement communities or private homes, water fitness is a great way to gather with others and make new friends. By participating in group fitness classes, individuals are more motivated and supported by social interaction and shared experiences.

So grab your pool noodle and swimsuit and contact your local fitness and recreation centre for a class near you!


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