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Button Tree Designs

As Summer continues to shine and bring heat and the blooming colours of August flowers, there are many opportunities for seniors to be active, both outdoors and indoors. One particular craft activity to bring more nature indoors is by creating a Button Tree!

There are many examples of them online for you to search for inspiration (as seen above), but it is as simple as it sounds! And the best part is, that buttons can easily be found around the house, are colourful, come in a variety of shapes and sizes to add creativity, and can be purchased at a reasonable price at craft or dollar stores!

Before beginning, plan a time to do the activity that best suits your loved one's needs and interests. Ensure that your loved one is comfortable, open to participating, and has all materials they need (to avoid wait time in getting materials, etc.). Most importantly, use this time to bond, reminisce and share stories. This is a great way to socialize aging adults with Dementia and help utilize their fine motor skills and even sorting abilities.

What you need:

  • Buttons

  • Clear/White Craft Glue

  • Paper

  • Paint, Markers, or Crayons

  • Tree Template (optional)

What to Do:

  1. Provide the Tree Template, or if they are able, provide a blank canvas or craft/plain paper for them to draw their own tree, using paint, markers, etc.

  2. You may use this time to sort the buttons into groups of colours that they enjoy or have them choose buttons freely as they do the activity.

  3. Using the glue provided, place the buttons along the branches of the tree to create "leaves", "flowers", or even "apples"

Have your loved one sign it, wait until dry, and display it!

Remember, this activity is a great opportunity for companionship and adding a level of independence and creativity to your loved one's day, so don't worry about the end visual result.

Tip: We suggest gathering in the morning, after breakfast and when they are well rested. If they don’t want to participate or they get frustrated, don’t force it. Try again another time.

Download the Tree Template below to begin!

Tree Template
Download • 87KB


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