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Canada Day Activities!

On July 1st, we celebrate Canada's 153rd Birthday! This beautiful land of ours has inspired many generations of people to love happily, freely, and peacefully within its natural beauty and in kindness and unity.

To celebrate the day with your elderly loved ones, consider the following activities that are sure to delight and excite for the day!

Hand-Print Flag

This simple art activity uses paint, card-stock or white printer paper, and a hand-print!

What you need:

  • Red paint

  • White card-stock or printer paper

  • Paint brush, thick/wide

  • Drying rack or leveled surface

  • Option: plastic straw or Popsicle stick as holder to wave flag

What to do:

  1. Using the red paint, paint two red sections on opposite sides of the paper/card-stock.

  2. With the paintbrush, gently brush red paint on the palm of your hand, or the hand of your loved one, and gently press hand down on the center of the painted paper to create the "maple leaf" symbol on the flag.

  3. Let dry on leveled surface before hanging on wall or waving as a flag by gluing straw or craft stick to one edge.

** Depending on the preference of your loved one, or those in your care, dipping or brushing paint on their hand may not be permitted and could cause discomfort. If this is the case, use the following Canadian Flag template to simply colour or paint, instead. Click on template below.

Canada flag 2020
Download PDF • 53KB

Canada Day Windsocks

Windsocks can be found throughout the countryside for determining the direction and speed of the wind. In this activity, you and your loved one will work together to create a windsock celebrating Canada Day. When completed, hang from a tree branch or a simple hook indoors, for decoration.

What you need:

  • Cardboard roll from toilet paper (or cut paper towel roll in half)

  • Red and White Paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Choice of : red and white streamers, red and white tissue paper cut in long strips, or red and white ribbons...or use all three options!

  • Craft glue

  • String for hanging

What to do:

  1. Paint Canadian images, such as a maple leaf, Canada flag, or the word "CANADA" along the outside of the cardboard roll, using the paint colours of your choice.

  2. Using the streamers, tissue paper strips, and/or ribbon, glue one end of the decoration onto the inside of the cardboard roll at one end. Repeat until entire edge of cardboard roll is covered in the decorations.

  3. Allow to dry completely before hanging, using a string stapled or glued to opposite end of roll.

  4. Streamers will hang down and sway in the breeze.

Check out more of our Canada Day activities in our free booklet! Click here.

Happy Canada Day!

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