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Community Quilt

Quiltmaking has been around for centuries for protection and insulation during cold weather, but also as a way for families to communicate their shared past.

In this week's activity, why not make a community quilt designed by your loved ones or elderly clients you serve?! Creating a quilt can seem time-consuming at first, but by replacing some of the materials and tools with simple, easy craft items on hand, this can be a great way to socialize, share memories, and come together as a family or community group.

Material options:

Objects, such as fabric scraps, colourful craft paper, wallpaper samples, etc., cut into different sized squares. The largest being 10cm x 10cm (you can opt for larger if you wish).


If using plain craft paper, use markers, paints, or pencil crayons to design each square for a more personalized quilt patch. Ensure to cut them into a variety of square sizes. The largest being 10cm x 10cm (or larger!)

  • Craft or fabric glue. You may also use a hot glue gun if preferred.

  • Single hole punch

  • yarn or thick string to attack each patch made by your loved ones


  1. Using your choice of materials, set the largest square as your base

  2. Arrange a variety of square pieces by layering one on top of the other using glue

  3. You may wish to arrange your squares in a variety of locations within the larger square patch for a more unique design.

  4. Once all patches are completed and dried, use the single hole punch to cut a circle in each of the corners of your large square.

  5. Assemble your community quilt by using the yarn or thick string, to attach each one by threading and knotting through the holes made.

  6. Hang your quilt on a wall to display for all to see!

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