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Connect the Dots

Games such as crossword puzzles, word searches, and sudoku have a number of benefits to cognitive and memory health.

But, did you know that the simple and familiar activity of connecting the dots (numerical or alphabetical) to create images can also have positive health benefits? Dot-to-Dot activities, such as the ones we share below can provide cognitive benefits, such as memory skills in number or letter sequencing, improvement in fine motor skills (i.e. handling of a pencil to draw, etc.), and can have a calming effect to ease anxiety or frustration in some older adults.

David DeWolf, a leadership expert, says “People who are able to “connect the dots” are forward thinkers, innovators, and leaders. They have a unique ability to see the forest from the trees while simultaneously seeing the small details that may be more relevant to the big picture. Dot connectors are tuned in to key pieces of information and they understand the importance of how it relates to other, often seemingly unrelated, information.”

There are a variety of options, as with adult colouring books, available throughout the online world as well as in your local book or hobby store.

You can begin here by tuning into your imagination and sharpening your skills with these connect the dots activity sheets!

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