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Craft: Fork Stamped Dandelions

Take part in this fun and exciting summer craft suitable for all ages. Fork stamped dandelions. Breaking out the paint and having a painting party is always a blast. You'll even enjoy yourself.

You can even make these colourful dandelions outdoors if the weather is nice.

It's even easier to clean up when it's outside! You can make the dandelions in different colors depending on the preference of your participants. As long as everyone is smiling and there's a beautiful craft to show off at the end, it doesn't matter what it is. You can do arts and crafts at any age, and it's a great stress reliever too!

Supplies needed:

  • Forks made of plastic

  • Craft paint in yellow and green

  • Sheets of drawing paper

  • Paper plates

  • Paintbrushes

DIY Dandelion Fork Craft

1. Put some yellow and green craft paint on a paper plate.

NOTE: Make sure everyone can get to it easily so you don't have paint dripping everywhere.

2. In the next step, press the plastic fork (backside) into the yellow craft paint. Ensure that the paint is evenly applied. If there is too much paint on the surface, just wipe it off quickly with your finger. 3. Now for the fun part! Use the fork to stamp your drawing paper. Make sure to apply even pressure to the paper, so it leaves an imprint.

4. Follow these steps until you have a beautiful display of dandelions. The paint should be placed in a circle like the hands of a clock.

5. After you have a few dandelions, you can decide how many you want to make. In my opinion, the more the merrier, since it's pretty fun!

6. Don't forget the stems! For the stem, dip a paintbrush into the green paint and make an angled green line. Adding leaves is up to you.

7. When the dandelions are dry, display them!

Ta-dah! Fork Stamped Dandelions by Nancy Dahdah

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