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D.I.Y Maracas

Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May) is tomorrow and recognizes Mexico’s victory over the French army. Although it’s not a national holiday in Mexico, it is celebrated in several regions around the U.S. and Canada! And what better way to celebrate than by creating your own Maracas!

Maracas are percussion musical instruments usually played in pairs and is popular in Mexican, Caribbean, and Latin American countries.

This simple craft is sure to please the artist and musician in your life! They are fun to make and provide a nice musical interlude to their day.

What you need

**double spoons and egg if making two**

  • 2 Plastic Spoons

  • 1 Plastic Egg or small hollowed object

  • "Fillers" such as dried rice, beans, beads, dried pasta, sand, etc.

  • Colourful tape, aluminum foil, or regular durable duct/masking tape

How to make your Maracas:

  1. Fill your plastic hollowed out egg/container with the items to make the "shaker" sound. Remember, you may not need too much to make a sound. You can also mix a variety of items to create different sounds when played.

  2. Close the container/egg and place in between the two spoons, so that they "cup" the egg, and ensure the ends/bottom of the spoons are together.

  3. Secure the egg object with tape to hold in place.

  4. Secure the bottom of the spoons together with the tape as well. This will be used as the "handle" of the maracas.

  5. At this time, you may leave as is or cover with aluminum foil for a different look.

  6. Play music until your heart's content!

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