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Dice Game for Men & Other Seniors

Playing a variety of games, either board games or physical games like horseshoe/bean bag toss, is a great way to get senior men involved in activities whether at home or in a home-care community. We found a fun dice game that would interest men and women alike! It can be played with other residents, a caregiver, or on their own.

We like to encourage socialization, so playing with a partner is encouraged, but consider the needs of your loved one before beginning play.

Cover the Box - Dice Game

Objective: Cover all numbers on your game card first, to win!


- A pair of dice (with dots or numbers)

- Game Card for each player (included below)

- Small counters/buttons or cut pieces of paper to use for covering the numbers on the game board (at least 24 for each player)

How to Play:

  1. Provide a game card and 24 counters/small paper pieces to each player

  2. To determine who begins, have each player roll the dice, the highest number goes first

  3. Using both dice, take turns rolling.

  4. Looking at the numbers they rolled, the player may cover both numbers or, depending on their ability, add the numbers together and cover the sum. For example, if they roll a 5 and 3, the player may choose to cover both a 5 and a 3 on the game board, or they may cover the 8 (5+3=8), depending on what numbers they have left on the board.

  5. First to cover all numbers wins!


When the remaining game card numbers are below 7, the player may choose to roll one of the dice, instead of both.

Playing a dice game like the one above is a fun way to gather together, share some laughs, and encourage activity opportunities for all. It promotes motor skill functioning in the grasping, shaking, and rolling of dice as well as encourages cognitive ability when counting, matching, comparing, and recognizing numbers.

Click on Game board image or pdf below:

Cover the Box Dice Game
Download PDF • 144KB


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