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DIY Bird Feeder

As the spring season continues, you may notice more and more wildlife scurrying about like squirrels, chipmunks, and of course birds! By now, birds may have begun their nest building antics in the tree in your front yard, the top of a porch light, or even in a planter you forgot by the side of the shed. While they take care of building a home for their children, why not provide a few snacks to keep their energy up!?!

What you need:

· Toilet paper/Paper towel roll (bare/empty)

· Peanut butter

· Bird seed

· String or Ribbon

· plastic knife or spoon (for spreading the peanut butter)

What to do:

1. Purchase a bag of bird seed, if none at home. This can be form your local dollar store, pet store, garden centre, or grocery store (in the pet aisle). **I usually choose the wild bird mix.

2. Set up your workspace with the items you need.

3. Lay down newspaper (or paper towels/cloth) to make clean up easier.

4. Depending on what size a bird feeder you want, you may use the full length of the paper towel roll or cut them to the size you want, but remember it must be large enough for a bird to grasp and feed from.

5. Begin by using the plastic utensil, or even your fingers to spread a thin layer of peanut butter all around the outside of the paper roll and set aside.

6. Sprinkle the bird seed onto the newspaper

7. Roll your peanut butter covered paper roll onto the birdseed, ensuring that the roll is covered with seed.

8. To hang your new bird feeder, use the string or ribbon and thread it through the paper roll ends and tie a knot at the top, ensuring that you leave enough length for it to hang down from the tree or post for birds to reach.

You have now made your very own bird feeder! Hang it up on a tree outside your window and watch as the birds, and at times squirrels, begin to flock for a meal!

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