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Dot Painting

A wonderful way to create a work of art is by using simple tools and movements.

Dot painting is particularly unique, as it uses simple cotton swabs, paper, and craft paint! This is especially helpful for seniors with limited mobility, eye-hand coordination, and focus.

Here's what you need:

  • Printed template (provided below), craft paper, or colouring page

  • Cotton swabs, a handful (use one end of a swab for each colour)

  • Craft paint of a variety of colours (i.e. tempera paint)

  • Paint palette or egg carton with paint in each section to dab in

  • Water and paper towel for cleanup


  1. Using the templates below, a colouring book page, or plain craft paper to create your own design, place on a flat work surface.

  2. Take one cotton swab and dip the end into a paint colour of your choice.

  3. Gently dab the paint on the dots on the template we provided or create your own dots on your colouring page or craft paper.

  4. You can decide what colour will be in each dot or section of your design!

  5. Use a different cotton swab for each paint colour

  6. Let dry and wipe up any spills.

Templates and Designs

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