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Earth Day Tips

Today is Earth Day and a great way to celebrate is by honouring and respecting the Earth each and every day!

Here are a few tips you can begin following on your own or start implementing at your senior centers, with elderly clients and loved ones.

Gardening - If you have space available in your facility’s yard or private home, consider purchasing a small tree to plant in the yard during a fun Earth Day ceremony. If outdoor space is not an option, then invite residents to plant their own small trees in containers. Kits can easily be found in Home & Garden Centres or even the Dollar Store! Why not try growing your own vegetables too!

Try Reusable Water Bottles and Bags - Encourage others to decorate their own metal water bottles or reusable tote bags using permanent markers or other stickers/decals that they can keep and reuse.

Invite Birds Into Your Backyard - Provide residents with wooden birdhouse kits (or make your own using old milk cartons and craft supplies!) to decorate before placing them outdoors. Additionally, encourage residents to assemble and decorate butterfly houses that can be set near large picture windows so that residents can sit indoors and watch the colourful butterflies outside.

However you honour the day, remember to keep the tradition of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all year round!

Happy Earth Day!


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