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Father's Day Craft

On Sunday, June 20th, we celebrate those who taught us the value of hard work, how to fix a broken "anything", and how important family values are - we celebrate dads.

So this Father's day, start a conversation with your dad or the elderly men in your care. Talk about what hobbies or interests they have or what their own fathers enjoyed doing, such as working on building projects, the love of cars, or fashion! Create these fun cards and write a special message to show how much you remember and care.

What you may need:

Craft paper of various colours

Craft glue


Pencil for outlining shapes

"Bow-tie" pasta

Craft paint



**Templates or colouring pages found online**

What to do:

  • Select a design of your choice. Start with the base of your card by choosing your dad's favourite colour. Fold that paper in half to create a card shape.

  • Depending on your design, start drawing and cutting out shapes of familiar tools, cars, or other interests (gardening, cooking, the arts). Finding these designs is easy! Simply search online for "colouring pages" or "tools colouring pages". Print them out, colour and cut!

  • If choosing the bow-tie pasta design, select 3 dry pasta noodles and paint them carefully with craft paint. Let dry before you glue it on the card.

  • Prepare the face of your card with the designs of your choice and a fun Happy father's Day message.

  • Inside, you may write a few words on what they have meant to your life or a funny story or anecdote they shared when you were growing up.

Present it to dad or display it in an area of their room they will see daily to put a smile on their faces.

Happy Father's Day!

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