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Fun Facts: Butterflies

Did you know that butterflies can't fly in temperatures below 55°F?!

Did you know that they are near-sighted, but can see a range of ultra-violet colours that humans cannot see?!

We thought we would celebrate Butterflies today with these fun facts!

Want to know where you can see butterflies when they emerge in mid-May? Here's a handy list!

Victoria Butterfly Gardens — Victoria, British Columbia

The facility is set up like a tropical rainforest, allowing visitors to watch over 75 species of butterflies fly, eat and lay eggs.

Shirley Richardson Butterfly Garden — Winnipeg, Manitoba

The exhibit, which is getting a big makeover, opens from late spring to early fall and lets guests see local species in flight.

Butterfly Conservatory — Niagara Falls, Ontario

It is home to over 2,000 butterflies and 45 different species. Visitors can watch through a special window to see butterflies emerge from their cocoons and take their first flight.

Montreal Botanical Garden — Montreal, Quebec

Every winter, an attraction called Butterflies Go Free is set up in the greenhouses of this botanical garden. That means over 2,000 butterflies and moths are released into the buildings.

Butterfly House — New Glasgow, PEI

From June to September, visitors can stop in and get up close to tropical butterflies from Costa Rica.

For more fun facts or finding the right companion or caregiver for your elderly loved one, head over to our main page or call us today at (613)-769-7669!

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