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Fun Facts: The Smiley Face

Happy World Emoji Day! Now your elderly loved ones and those in your care may not be familiar with the word "emoji", however, they are more than familiar with the smiley face image! So in light of this day, we thought we would do a little bit of research on the iconic smiley face, as it's rooted in some "controversy" over who first created this happy image.

According to the Huffington Post, The smiley face made its first appearance in an advertisement for the film "Lili," which ran in the New York Herald Tribune in 1953.

However, it has been said that its original creation came nearly a decade later when a graphic designer named Ross Ball, from Massachusetts, was asked by an insurance company to create a design that would boost the morale of their workers. It took him a few minutes to create his design and was paid only $45 for it, however, he never applied for copyright of the image. The insurance company placed his design on buttons and posters to brighten the days of their employees.

Then in the 1970s, brothers, and owners of two Hallmark card shops, Bernard and Murray Spain took that famous design and added the words "Have A Happy Day", then allowing them to copyright both the words and the image.

Of course, now many generations have grown to view the image as the iconic "Emoji" smiley face which has transformed over the years along with the technology that has created it.

No matter the creator, this simple image has brought joy across generations, so smile and have a happy day!

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