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Getting the Most Out of Thanksgiving with Elderly Family Members.

Fall holidays are unique because of the crisp air, the colours of the leaves, and, most importantly, spending time with our loved ones. This weekend is Thanksgiving, a great time to get together with family members, young and old. Here are our tips for a memorable thanksgiving, whether visiting an elderly relative in a long-term care facility, having a big family gathering at home, or spending a quiet evening with a parent or grandparent.

Organize your time together.

Plan your gathering. Ensure everyone has transportation, accommodation, and availability for an enjoyable gathering. Long weekends are always busy, and you want to ensure nobody feels left out or stressed.

Keep a healthy diet in mind.

Yes, Thanksgiving dinner is a time to indulge and celebrate, but there's no need to forget about nutrition. Plan out meals that everyone can enjoy, especially if seniors are attending. Consider who can digest what; if attendees have trouble chewing, remember to make some softer foods.

Try to think of activities people of all ages can enjoy.

Consider activities that can be enjoyed by both young and old. Plan an activity that everyone will enjoy. Organize a group walk, a group meal, or a board game. Share stories, watch movies, or watch sports together.

Take a moment to recall fond memories you've shared.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and bond. Reminisce about the positive times you've shared. Try to reminisce about events long ago if your parent shows dementia. Short-term memory is often the first to be affected by dementia, so discussing long-term memories from years ago is a good idea.

Positivity is the key.

Holidays can sometimes be stressful. Making sure everyone has a good time, coordinating transportation, and preparing the proper meal can be challenging. When a loved one is ill, this can be even more challenging. Enjoy your time together, and stay positive. Think positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Enjoy the time you're spending together and be present.

Make sure you ask questions.

Everyone, no matter their age, accumulates exciting stories, anecdotes, and wisdom. It's a great time to ask questions to elderly relatives you don't see often. Seeing that you're interested will make them happy, and you'll be surprised and amazed by what you learn.

Strive to go the extra mile.

During Thanksgiving, you should go the extra mile and help those you love. The effort you put into preparing a different dish or travelling a long distance to visit a relative will be worth it. Ensure that your elderly loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving by taking those extra steps.

Feel free to contact Ideal Caregivers 4u if you have any questions about our holiday tips or senior care. (613) 769-1669.

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