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Guessing Game for Seniors

Playing games at any age is a fun and easy way to socialize, laugh, and share experiences. As we get older, games become less frequent as our friends and family move away or get busy with their lives, work, children, etc. But playing social games is just as important in older adulthood as it was when we were younger.

Gameplay, using words, numbers, strategies, role play and the like are wonderful ways to maintain and develop our cognitive functions (i.e. brain development in learning, thinking, reasoning, and memory). Due to their social nature, games provide opportunities for seniors and older adults to gather as a community with others and share a few laughs and have fun. This is especially helpful for seniors in long-term care or who are otherwise isolated from friends and family.

Choosing the right game can be a challenge depending on what your interests are and who is available and willing to play, but this simple and easy game can bring joy, smiles and laughter to all who try!

Who/What Am I?

Purpose: This is a guessing game where players use yes or no questions to guess the identity of a famous person or animal or thing!


Post-It sticky notes or pieces of paper/cardstock to hold up


At least 2 - 4 players, the more the merrier!

How to Play

1. The leader of the game selects names of people, places, animals, or things and writes them on separate pieces of paper or sticky notes. Notes can be placed on each player's foreheads, but others may choose to simply hold it up over their head.

2. Then explain the rules to players.

  • Do not look at the word on your paper

  • Ask each player a "yes" or "no" question that may help you find out what your word is. For example who may ask "Am I a person?" "Do I play a musical instrument?" "Am I an animal?" "Do I have sharp teeth?" "Do I live in water?".

  • You will also be asked to answer other people's questions, so make sure you can see their word and answer only with a "yes" or a "no".

  • As you go through each player, you can begin to sort out who or what you may be and can start guessing, such as, "Am I a shark?".

3. The game is played until most or all players have guessed their word correctly!

A variation of this game can include providing a theme to the words, such as "Animated movie characters" or "1960's Rock legends". This is a great way to narrow down the choices and provide for "easier" gameplay.

Have fun!

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