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Handprint Flowers

Providing opportunities for those in our care to get creative with colour, paints, and design is a great way to brighten their space and their day!

With this painting activity, paint is applied to the hand and pressed onto paper to create a flower shape. Many seniors, especially those with Dementia, may be hesitant about putting paint on their hands, so this activity can be adaptable by using your own handprints or those of family and friends nearby.


  • Tempra, washable, paint in a variety of spring colours

  • Craft paper, plain colour

  • Paintbrush, 1/2" thickness

  • A plastic cup of water for washing brushes

  • Newspaper

  • Paper towels for the cleanup


  1. Place newspaper down on a flat tabletop surface. Lay craft paper on top and prepare all paints and materials.

  2. Lightly and gently brush the first paint colour onto the palm of one hand.

  3. Gently press down the hand, paint-side down, onto the top portion of the craft paper.

  4. Wipe or wash hands, and repeat with at least two other colours. Or if needed, use only one colour to avoid any hesitation or worry when repeating the action.

  5. When pressing hands, ensure they are pressed around the same area of the craft paper, but at different angles to mimic a bouquet of flowers.

  6. When done, wash and dry hands thoroughly.

  7. Using the paintbrush and green paint, draw stems from the handprints to the bottom of the page. You may design the remaining areas using your creativity and materials on hand.

  8. Let dry before hanging or placing it in a visible area of the room.

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