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Let's Go "Fishing"!

Fishing is one of the most popular activities during the summer months here in Canada. With family, friends, or on your own, fishing is a wonderful way to connect with nature, enjoying the tranquil sounds, and catching the day's dinner!

For residents in retirement homes or private care, going on an outing can be a challenge, so why not bring the fishing experience to them?!

A great way to begin is with stories, photos, and videos of summer fishing experiences....or even ice fishing! This will engage your elderly loved one, or those in your care, in recalling memories of their own experiences in the sport.

To capture the essence of fishing here is a craft activity and game you can try with them today!


  • Paper fish template below, pre-cut

  • Pencil crayons or markers

  • paper clips

  • Magnets, small in size

  • String

  • Small twigs/branches, thin yet durable. You may also use a wooden dowel or straws

  • Glue or strong tape


  1. Print out the template provided, or using craft paper you can design your own fish, cut out each fish to save time.

  2. Provide each player with a couple of fish and begin to design and colour them

  3. Once completed, attach a paper clip to the back of each fish using tape or glue, but ensuring some of the metal is visible and present.

  4. Using the thin twig, attach one end of the string (cut at about an arm's length) using glue or tape at one end.

  5. On the other end of the string, tie or attach a small magnet.

  6. Decide on your playing surface! This can be a dish or bowl or even a carpeted area. Lay your fish down and take turns "fishing" using your fishing "pole"! The magnets will attract the paper clip on each fish.

  7. Players can take turns catching any fish of their choice, or have them try to catch certain coloured fish or a group of fish at the same time!

Fish Template Page

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