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Matching Game

An important part of mental health and fitness in older adults is by using a variety of games such as crosswords, sudoku, and puzzles. One game we like to use with our older adults is a memory matching game. This game helps to develop memory skills, cognitive functioning, and can help to bring about stories and memories from their past...a great conversation starter!

Matching Carpentry Tools

What you need:

  • Word page

  • Picture page

  • Scissors

  • Protector sheets/laminator


  1. Print out the pages on regular printer paper or enlarge for those with sight challenges. You may laminate or use protector pages for repeated use.

  2. Cut out the word squares and pictures and set aside in two piles.

  3. One way to enjoy this game is the "flashcard way". Lay the picture squares out on a table or other surface, face up. Then, raise one of the word cards, read it, and have your elderly loved one point or pick up the matching picture.

  4. At this time, you can ask questions such as "What is this tool used for?", "What can I make with this tool?", or "Have you ever used this before?". This is a great way to start a conversation and also to access their prior knowledge and memory.

**Try this matching game with other objects or images of things or places they may be familiar with, such as vintage cars, kitchen tools, famous places, etc.

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