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Naming Spaces

For many seniors with dementia living in long-term care, easily locating familiar spaces, such as the community room, dining hall, or their own bedroom suites can be challenging.

With this simple and easy craft, you can create a nameplate that can hang on their door or in common spaces. Using materials found at home or in inexpensive craft stores, these nameplates can be as intricate or simple in design as you wish.


  • Bristol board - colours of your choice

  • Paint, Markers, or Pencil Crayons

  • Craft Glue

  • Embellishments, such as faux flowers, beads, ribbons, etc.

  • Scissors

  • Pencil for drawing shapes


Begin by deciding what design your sign will have. Will it be a simple letter? or more detailed using basic overlapping shapes and embellishments?

Using the craft items listed above or those of your choice, cut out letters and shapes, making sure to always have a base shape that can be easily taped or hung on to a door or wall area.

If choosing a letter-based sign, ensure the letter is fairly large that can be seen from a short distance. Choose block or rounded letters for ease of reading.

When creating a more intricate design, select your base background shape and overlap using a variety of large shapes, like circles and rectangles. Draw or paint your name or the name of the common area and let dry.

At this time, you may wish to use craft glue and decorate your sig using embellishments to make it more personalized.

Hang your new sign in a visible area to assist your elderly loved ones to familiarize themselves with personal and community spaces.

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