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Olympic Game Ideas for Seniors

The 2021 Summer Olympics have begun in Tokyo! Now it may not have the same fanfare and crowded stadiums as in pre-pandemic times, but we thought it would still be fun to participate in Olympic-themed games with the seniors in our care. Many residents enjoy watching the opening and closing ceremonies and various games on television, so this is a great way for them to feel part of the action!

Here are 5 great ideas to bring the Olympics to your elderly loved ones and residents.

Bean Bag Toss

The bean bag toss game is a popular activity that uses eye-hand coordination to toss the colourful bag into the hole. This activity can be done with store-bought colourful bean bags (in the Olympic colours if possible!) and a game board or you can make your own! To make your own, use colourful socks filled with dry rice or beans, secure tightly with elastic bands and toss into large hula-hoop rings, colourful cardboard boxes, or painted paper plates! The object of the game is to toss the bag on a target, so get creative!

Pool Noodle Javelin Throw

This is a fun activity sure to bring smiles and laughter to all who watch and participate! Provide a colourful pool noodle to each player. Have them stand or sit at a starting point and while holding the pool noodle near one of the ends, have them throw or toss the noodle into a clear area in front of them. Whoever throws the farthest is the winner! You can have players take turns or throw all at once. You may even want to have a "finish" line to aim at to see who can reach it!

Olympic Ring Toss

Ring toss games are similar to the bean bag toss as it includes tossing an object to a target. However, for ring toss, the target is more precise (stick or pole) for the ring to reach and place. Purchasing a ring toss game is an option and can be found in most sports/outdoor recreation stores. However, check out the homemade option in the Painting & Crafts section below! Whoever is able to toss the most rings at the target, wins!

Painting & Crafts

There are a number of arts and craft activities online to celebrate the Olympics. To make your own ring toss game, use 5 paper plates and paint each plate the colour of the Olympic rings (red, yellow, blue, green, and black). Let dry, then cut out the centre of the plate to create a ring. Use a cardboard paper towel roll and glue it to another paper plate so that it is standing upright. This will be used as the target for your rings! From homemade tissue paper torches to painting/stamping the Olympic rings onto paper or fabric using paint and the rim of a jar lid to colouring sheets, there are plenty of ideas to share with your seniors.

Cupcake Ceremony

One of the best parts of the Olympic Games is the medal ceremony where we celebrate our athletics, our country, and the games as a whole. A great way to celebrate your Olympic-themed senior games is with delicious and brightly coloured cupcakes sprinkled with the colours of the Olympics! You can even decorate each cupcake with colourful chocolate candies in the shape of the Olympic ring logo!

Enjoy the time spent with family, friends, and others in your care and don't forget to hand out medals....this could be colourful beaded necklaces from a craft or dollar store or make your own using paper or clay and ribbon! No matter how you play the game, celebration and fun are key to providing a wonderfully joyous experience for all!

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