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On This Day: August 26th

#Onthisday in 1907, Harry Houdini escapes from chains underwater in 57 seconds, at Aquatic Park in San Francisco, California.

Harry Houdini was the most famous vaudeville act in America. He was born in Europe and emigrated to America with his family when he was 2 years old.

As a magician, Houdini started out by performing card tricks before moving on to escape acts which he often filmed.

Vaudeville acts were quite popular during this time in America. Adopted in the United States from the Parisian boulevard theatre - featuring magicians, acrobats, comedians, trained animals, jugglers, singers, and dancers.

Start a conversation with your elderly loved one and you might just hear stories of their favourite Vaudeville acts of their generation!

Many of the big names in vaudeville went on to be movie and TV stars, such as Will Rogers, Bob Hope, Burns &Allen, and Fanny Brice. Even today, shows such as Late Night with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live continue the traditions of popular variety entertainment.


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