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Outdoor Games for Seniors

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

As the weather gets warmer and drier, taking your activities outside is a great way to continue your physical fitness. Being out in the fresh air of your local park, courtyard, or backyard has great benefits for your overall health.

We have assembled a few outdoor games that you can try with your senior loved ones today (or when the weather permits 😉)


The game of horseshoes has been around for centuries. It involves swinging a horseshoe around posts that are set at a reasonable distance. It can be a great way to exercise and spend time with friends. Horseshoes can be played either in teams or as individuals. Like many outdoor games, it exercises arm strength, hand-eye coordination, and focus. A few horseshoes and a target are all that is needed for you to play the game anywhere.


Badminton is an aerobic activity that requires some technical skill and endurance, as well as eye-hand coordination. Despite being easier on seniors’ joints than tennis, badminton is a much faster game than tennis. Badminton works much in the same way as tennis does, but with a much lighter object to strike. You can play badminton with two players or whole teams on opposite sides of the net, inside or outside. Similarly, many seniors play ping pong for a scaled-down version of tennis or badminton.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is an ancient sport that existed throughout the Middle East, Greece, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The object of Bocce is to get your weighted bocce ball closest to a designated ball in the middle as possible. The beauty of bocce is that it is a low-impact, therapeutic exercise which can improve mental and physical fitness. Most of us are familiar with bocce ball, a multi-player game of trying to throw your ball (as a single player or in a team). The game offers opportunities for social interactions, a mental challenge, and improved hand-eye coordination. It also comes in other forms such as lawn bowling.

Always consult your doctor before starting any physical activity. Whichever activity you choose, ensure that you are all properly hydrated, dress appropriately for the weather, and have fun!

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