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Owl Craft

During one of our Fun Facts blogs, we shared a few interesting facts about Owls, so today we thought we would share a cute craft we found online. This craft uses basic household supplies and art materials that can easily be purchased or found anywhere. This paper plate owl craft is also easy to make yourself or with your elderly loved one.

What you need:

(To make one)

  • 1 paper plate (not shiny)

  • Paint, acrylic or watercolour

  • Markers (optional)

  • Construction/Craft paper

  • Glue

  • Ribbon or string

What to do:

  1. Begin by folding both sides of the paper plate towards the center.

  2. Fold over the top, towards the center, to create the Owl's head.

  3. Using brown or light brown paint (or any colour of your choosing!), unfold, the sides and paint the inside of the owl (body). Let dry.

  4. Re-fold the sides of the owl (wings) and paint a different colour, if you wish, or using the same for the body. Repeat with the top section of the owl (head). Let dry.

  5. Once dry, you may require to glue down the "wings" as they may be sticking out or warp during the painting process. To do so, add a couple of drops of glue to just underneath the "wings" flap and glue down to the body. Do the same for the "head" flap to keep it secure as well.

  6. Next, it's time to paint or draw the feathers! Using marker or darker paint and a thin brush, draw feathers on the owl's wings. This can be a basic scallop-design or a series of "w"'s. Be creative! If you have craft feathers, you can even glue those down for a more authentic look!

  7. Finally, cut out eyes, a beak, and feet from the construction paper (remember that owls have large eyes!) and glue to the body.

  8. If you would like to hang your owl craft, simply glue ribbon or string to the top or you can poke a hole (i.e. with a single "hole-punch" device) and thread the ribbon through and tie.

Enjoy displaying your owl year-round as a door hanger, on the wall, or even next to a window!

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