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Paper Birdhouse Craft

Today's craft is one that many older adults really enjoy doing with their loved ones. It's easy, colourful, and can be kept indoors, but still enjoyed for its bird-like whimsy!

Using simple materials, often found at dollar stores or around the house, this craft can be as creative as one wishes!


  • 3 Popsicle sticks

  • 1 sheet of coloured paper (craft paper, bristol board, etc)

  • 1 sheet of black craft paper

  • Colourful craft feathers

  • Glue

  • Choice of markers, pencil crayons, paint, etc.

  • Ribbon

  • Bird and House outline **found at the bottom of the page


  1. Using the sheet of colourful paper (preferably bright summer colours, light pastels, etc.), draw and cut out a large (just bigger than your hand) pentagon shape. This will be the main "house" shape. You may also use the outline provided to colour, paint, or outline with.

  2. Cut out a small circle using the black craft paper. This will act as the "hole" of the birdhouse.

  3. Using the glue, apply a few dots along the Popsicle sticks and arrange them onto the pentagon house, as seen in the photo - 2 for the roof sides and one along the bottom for a perch.

  4. While the sticks dry, colour the bird outline provided or draw your own bird to add to the house. At this point, you may wish to glue the feathers to its tail or add other creative features to the tiny bird.

  5. Glue the bird image to the birdhouse along the top of the perch.

  6. Decorate the birdhouse as you wish. Your loved one may even want to name their bird! Cut out a "nameplate" using paper (or even draw it right on the house) and write their name on it.

  7. Finally, glue a ribbon loop at the top of your birdhouse and wait to dry before hanging it on the window or wall.


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Bird & House Outline
Download PDF • 7KB

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