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Paper Plate Pumpkins!

Who said you can't bring out the glow of a Jack-o-Lantern into your home without the mess of carving and scooping out pumpkin seeds!?

Try this cute and simple pumpkin craft with your loved one today! All you need is some household items, paint, and a bit of creative whimsy! For full instructions and video, click here.

Paper Plate Pumpkin


  • 2 paper plates, white

  • Orange & Black paint (tempera, craft paint will do)

  • Paintbrushes

  • Scissors

  • Green pipe cleaner, or green craft paper cute into a stem shape

  • Flameless Tealight "candles" (battery operated)

  • Craft glue


  1. Layer the paper plates on top of each other and cut about a 1/2 inch section from the "bottom" edges. This will create a flat bottom for the pumpkin craft to stand up with.

  2. Paint the outside (or bottom) of each plate using the orange paint. Let dry.

  3. Paint the inside (top, where you would eat from) of each plate with black paint. Let dry.

  4. Take one of the paper plates and draw a fun, whimsical Jack-o-Lantern face on the orange side and carefully cut out with scissors. Making sure you do NOT start cutting form the edges!

  5. Twist and curl the pipe cleaner and tape or glue it to the top of one of the black sided paper plates. This will act as the "stalk" or "stem" of the pumpkin.

  6. Next, glue the plates together so that the orange-painted side is on the outsides of the 3-D "pumpkin", but leaving the flat "bottom" unglued to allow an opening for the "candle".

  7. Gently place the flameless tealight in the flat opening at the bottom and turn on using the switch underneath.

  8. Place in a visible area and watch the flicker and glow of the light through the pumpkin!

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