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Penguin Craft

One of the most adorable animals representing the season of Winter, cold, snowy days, and playful movements is the penguin! We wanted to celebrate this fun and iconic creature with an easy and equally adorable craft! Make it for yourself or with your elderly or young loved ones.

What you need

  • Craft Paper in black, white, orange, and blue (*you may also use a paper plate)

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

  • Googly eyes

  • Cotton balls

  • Embellishments, such as tiny bells, Santa hat (or make using craft paper), fabric, glitter, etc.


  1. If using black craft paper, cut a large circle (use a small dinner plate to trace, if needed) for the body of the penguin. Next, cut out two arms in the shape of an oval or leaf shape.

  2. Glue the body on the blue craft paper. Arrange the arms at each side and glue down overlapping the body shape.

  3. For the belly, cut out a medium-sized circle or heart shape and glue it onto the center of the body.

  4. Using the orange craft paper, cut out two feet, in the shape of a heart or a circle or oval. Arrange at the bottom of the body, overlapping, and glue down. Cut a diamond or triangle shape for the nose.

  5. Use the glue to secure the googly eyes near the top of the body/head. Press down gently. Glue the diamond/triangle nose.

  6. Let all pieces dry.

  7. Add embellishments by gluing down cotton balls to represent falling or settled snow and decorate with other items for a more holiday, festive feel!

Once all items are dry, stick your fun artwork n a wall or other area to view it proudly and add a little holiday cheer to your room.

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