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Pine Cone Crafts

At this time of year, finding natural objects such as leaves, pine cones, and twigs are easy to find and most importantly they make great arts and crafts materials!

If you find a variety of pine cones laying about the yard, why not try some of these options during your next craft session!?

Painted Pine Cones

One of the easiest, yet festive, crafts to make with pine cones is simply by painting them your favourite colours! Using acrylic paint, some brushes, and patience can bring a lot of colour and joy to any area! Use thematic colours, such as orange and black for Halloween, or red and green for Christmas! Why not gather a few of them and make a wreath to hang on your door?! These painted pine cones are versatile for any craft that interests you.

Check out these websites for ideas; for basic pine cone painting techniques, visit or learn how to make pine cones look like spring flowers by

Pine Cone Foxes

This craft is initially what inspired today's blog! Found on a Facebook group called Activity Directors - Craft Group, member Christine Johnson (photo credit) shared this wonderful craft that she did with the seniors in her care. Using colourful felt and glue, these pine cones come to life with character and fun! However, preparation is key, especially when working with seniors with limited fine motor function, so plan ahead to cut the felt shapes! Full instructions can be found on the website!

Pine Cone Angels

If you're like me and like to plan ahead some crafts for the upcoming Christmas or winter season, these Pine Cone Angels are a must to decorate any tree or table centrepiece! Using pine cones and other natural objects, embellishments of ribbons, bows, and pipe cleaners, this craft is both adorable and simply heavenly! An example found at, pine cone angels like the one pictured can be as simple or as detailed as you wish!

For more inspiration, go online or visit youtube for a number of pine cone crafts and activities for all ages! Want help encouraging your senior loved one to participate in arts and crafts or other activities of daily life? Visit our website or call us today to see how we can help!

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