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Poppy Wreath

As we begin the month of November, we are reminded of the sacrifices those before us made in ensuring the safety and prosperity of our country. To honour them, we wear poppies as a sign of respect and a remembrance of the famous poem "In Flander's Field" by John McCrae.

In today's activity, we are reusing some egg cartons, craft paint, and other basic supplies to create a Remembrance Day poppy wreath to display throughout the month.

Poppy Wreath

What's Needed:

  • Egg carton, individual cups already pre-cut and separated

  • Red paint

  • Black paint

  • Green paint

  • Paint brushes

  • White paper plate

  • Markers

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

What To Do:

  1. Pre-cut and separate each egg cup from the carton. Trim to the edges carefully to resemble the rounded petals of a flower.

  2. Set up a painting area (make sure you have a cup of water and some paper towels handy for clean-up!).

  3. Begin by painting the inside (and outside, if you wish) of each egg cup using the red paint. Set aside to dry.

  4. Meanwhile, cut out two half circles from the inside section of the paper plate, leaving a strip in the middle for your word of remembrance. **You can also choose to leave it as is and simply paint the entire inside plate green. let dry before painting any words, such as Remember or Lest We Forget, to the center.**

  5. Once the red egg cups are dry, paint the inside center of the poppy flower using black paint. Let dry.

  6. To assemble the wreath, add craft paint to the outside bottom/back of each poppy and arrange them along the outside edge of the paper plate. Let dry.

  7. Display on a wall or table center to show friends and family.

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