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Potato Stamp Poppies

A favourite activity with our elderly clients during Remembrance Day uses paint, potatoes, and poppies!

Create this beautiful and simple poppy landscape to display during your Remembrance Day ceremony.

Potato Stamp Poppies


  • Small potato with one end sliced to create a flat, smooth surface for stamping

  • Red craft paint (i.e. Tempera)

  • Green craft paint (i.e Tempera)

  • Black poppyseeds

  • Craft glue

  • White cardstock or craft paper

  • Paintbrush, small


  1. On a solid working surface, place all materials within easy reach.

  2. Gently dip the sliced end of the potato into the red paint and stamp or blot your first petal. Stamp 3 more in a circular pattern to create a flower design. Create as many poppies as you wish to design your landscape.

  3. Using a paintbrush or finger painting option, dip into the green paint and draw lines from each set of flowers to create the stem and leaves.

  4. While the paint dries, careful not to get on hands while working, dab a ring of glue in the middle of the red petals. With your hands or a small spoon, pinch poppyseeds and sprinkle over the glued area. Make sure to cover enough of the glue with a generous amount. Once completed for all flowers, gently lift the paper and shake off any excess seeds.

  5. Let your design dry before adding any inscriptions or words.

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