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Pressed Flowers

As Spring begins, flowers start to bloom and it's a beautiful sight! Many of us want to preserve the colourful beauty of new flowers and one of the ways to do this is by gathering a few and pressing them to create other works of art to display.

Now, you might think it's unusual to pluck out newly bloomed flowers, but rest assured, you will only need a few or you can gather fresh ones already cut from local garden centers or flower shops or opt for fabric flowers from your local craft store. This is a great option if you do not have access to a growing garden.

How to Begin

Creating a pressed flower design is as simple as collecting some small wildflowers on your walks outside! Once you have collected or gathered some colourful flowers from the garden, local park, or at the garden shop, you are ready to begin!

The first step is to arrange them properly on a sheet of wax paper. Next, lay another sheet of wax paper over the flowers and press them with a flat, heavy object like a book or even a brick, if you have one. Leave them to press overnight to achieve the best results.

Now here comes the creative part! Here are two options after you have gathered and pressed your flowers.


Once pressed overnight, you can laminate the flowers and turn them into beautiful bookmarks. This would require access to a laminating center, however, a more economical option is by using Contact Paper instead! This sticky-sided paper can be found at local dollar stores or craft stores. Simply cut out two rectangles, peel one and gently place the flower and petals and cove with the other rectangle and press to seal! You can also cut a hole at the top and thread a ribbon! This option can also be adjusted to create coasters for your coffee table - simply cut out squares instead of rectangles and use washi tape on the edges for a sharper design!

Framed Flowers

Using the pressed flowers, purchase a picture frame (or reuse an old frame!). The frame should have backing cardboard already. This is where you will place each flower (you may want to use hot glue or a small dab of glue to keep flowers in place). Let dry before clipping it into the frame and display. Alternately, you can use double glass sided frames for an even more spectacular effect! The double glass would allow you to hang the frame in a window to let the sunshine through each petal and bloom!

This activity is perfect to engage your elderly loved ones or those in your care. They can easily participate by selecting flowers during a nature walk or from a basket already collected. It may take some fine motor skills to place the flowers and secure them, therefore more socialization and one-on-one companionship may be needed. Ideal Caregivers 4u can be there to lend a hand with our Companionship services during any activity! Visit our website for more details.


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