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Self Love = Self Care

February is widely known as Heart Health Month. When we talk about heart health, we think about the foods we eat and the activities we participate in. However, the heart is also synonymous with love, so why not begin the practice of self-love today and throughout the whole year?!

Showing love and compassion to ourselves can help improve many areas of our life including our mental, physical, and physiological health and help lower the risk for heart disease by building positive healthy habits in living an active and mindful life.

Self-love and in turn self-care is always more challenging than showing love and care to others such as family, friends, and other loved ones. We tend to put ourselves "second" when it comes to developing healthy habits and nurturing our mind, body, and soul.

Caregivers, specifically those who are caring for an aging parent or who are in the service of others, may find it difficult to find the time and the energy to care for themselves. However, the benefits are far-reaching and can even improve your ability to assist others in your home or workplace.

Finding ways to meaningfully care for yourself and show your body, mind and soul some love can be as simple as choosing activities that you enjoy. It can be taking a 10min walk in nature, taking a bubble bath, getting a massage or creating a quiet space for reading or meditation.

Here are a few more ideas you can try. Some may be easier to introduce into your routine, while others will take time and focus:

  • Buy yourself flowers or plant some new ones outdoors

  • Take a day off (from work, when possible, and from housework!)

  • Buy yourself something you've always wanted

  • Watch your favourite movie

  • Spend time with people who give you positive energy

  • Set boundaries with difficult people

  • Start a journaling practice

  • Start and meditation practice

  • Forgive yourself

  • Nourish yourself with healthy eating and lifestyle habits

  • Start a gratitude journal/practice each morning by writing down 3 things you are grateful for

  • Write down 3 positive things you like about yourself each day

  • Get creative! Create some art whether it's painting, building, music, etc.

One of the best ways to show yourself some love is through Compassion. Being compassionate with yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed, feeling like you need a "break", or struggling with your own physical or emotional needs is vital to your own personal well-being and the well-being of those around you.

Self-care and loving who you are and caring for your needs provide you with emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, cognitive, and physical wellness. Start today on your path to love.

We are here to help. Connect with us today by visiting our website to see how we can provide you with respite care for your loved ones.


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