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Shaving Foam Art!

We're not sure who thought to combine shaving cream and acrylic paint, but it's a work of art!

Here what you need:

  • Shaving cream (some have used whipped cream with the same effect)

  • Acrylic paint of a variety of colours

  • Paintbrush, pencil or straw

  • Medium-sized deep tray

  • Cardstock or craft paper to fit in the tray

  • Ruler

  • Paper towel (for cleaning up)

  • Drying area, newspaper, etc.


  1. Place cardstock or craft paper in the tray and lay flat.

  2. Fill the tray with the shaving cream.

  3. Place several drops of paint, your choice of colour(s), in different areas of the shaving cream.

  4. Using a paintbrush, straw, or even the back of a pencil, begin to swirl the shaving cream with the paint to create a variety of designs. Keep going in different areas of the tray until you have a completed design.

  5. Let dry for a few minutes. Gently lift the paper out of the tray and scrape the shaving cream off using a ruler.

  6. What you have left is a painted swirl design on the page!

  7. Let the piece dry and display!

Once completed, you can also use that paper to cut out shapes, make a card for loved ones, or simply frame it as a memory of your activity together.

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