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Silhouette Designs

One of the most popular activity trends we have seen online and in our long-term care residences has been these beautiful lady silhouette designs. Classic designs with simple, yet, lovely embellishments create artwork worthy of attention.

Here's what to do!

Google "lady silhouette/dancing" images or download and print the one we have attached below. Next, use a variety of stickers or use glue to secure other craft items that accessorize the image. You can find most materials at craft or dollar stores.

Here are some ideas to add to your silhouette:

  • feathers,

  • leaves,

  • fresh flower petals,

  • plastic flower petals,

  • buttons

  • stickers, sequins

  • lace

  • fabric swatches

  • ribbons

  • bows

  • beads

This is a fun activity for many elderly loved ones as they may connect with the classic images and enjoy the fashionable and beautiful elements they create.

Download or save the image below to use for our activity!


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