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Spinner Art

Ever wonder what other uses an old salad spinner has? Well, wonder no more! Now you can use it to make a fun and beautiful work of art! Of course, that means you'll have to dry your greens in a different spinner after trying out this painting activity!

Spinner Painting

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What you need:

  • Plastic Salad Spinner (no longer to be used for food)

  • Paints, acrylic or tempera/washable paints, variety of colours

  • Paper plate

  • Scissors

  • Pencil or pen

  • Solid surface, such as a table

What to do:

  1. Remove the inside basket of your salad spinner and place it on top of the paper plate. Create an outline with your pencil and cut the plate to size so that it fits perfectly at the bottom of your spinner basket.

  2. Place basket back in the spinner and place paper plate inside, laying flat to the bottom of the basket.

  3. Using the individual bottles of paint, drizzle the paint colours onto the plate. *Note - less is more and will create a more detailed design - the more paint you add, the thicker the design.

  4. Place the cover/top back onto the salad spinner, ensuring that it is secure.

  5. Now for the fun part, begin spinning by using the handle to turn or push "button"!

  6. Once you think your art is complete, lift the cover and gently remove your paper plate artwork. Let dry.

  7. Rinse your spinner to use again another day! Making sure not to use for food products - label if necessary!

Why We Love It

This is a great art activity that uses simple materials that are easy to reuse and offers an alternative to the typical painting activities your loved ones may already do. The best part is, it creates a different art design each time! So no two pieces of artwork will be the same. Experiment with different colours and thickness of paints. You can thin out the acrylic paint by adding drops of water to the paint before drizzling it into the spinner, or perhaps add more paint to create bolder, thicker spots of paint.

By using the spinner handle to spin the paints around, your loved one is using more fine and gross motor functions in their hands to create the artwork. They may require some assistance to get started, but once they get going, the smiles will begin!

Happy spinning!

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