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St. Patrick's Day Activities

As we begin the month of March, there are reasons to celebrate. Spring is on it's way and March 17th is St. Patrick's Day! So we have compiled a few activities and crafts to do with your elderly loved ones, or those in your care, that are easy and fun to do to help celebrate the occasion!

Irish Themed Meals

One way to bring in the fun of St. Patrick's day is to introduce some Irish-themed fun into mealtime. This can be as simple as providing green and gold napkins, cutlery, place mats or centerpieces. Or perhaps, you can try some delicious snack recipes inspired by the day!

Themed Crafts

Creating fun and colourful crafts is a great way to spend time with loved ones, work on their fine motor skills, and socialize them with other family members or residents. Here are a couple simple craft ideas to get you into the festive spirit:

The easiest place to start is with the basic heart-shape. By cutting out paper hearts using green craft paper, you can create the symbol of luck: the 4- leaf clover!

By creating this shamrock design, you can begin creating a variety of crafts, such as greeting cards, coasters, garlands or wreaths!

Another fun idea is incorporating cereal into a design! Using colourful or Irish-themed cereal, you can create a visual masterpiece...that's tasty to make!

Use colourful cereal, simple craft glue and paper to create rainbows, pots of gold, or even Leprechauns! The sky is the limit! Let your loved one's imagination and creativity be your guide.

**Note: Keep dietary restrictions and choking hazards in mind when doing food-based crafts

Social Activities

It's important for our loved ones and those in our care to socialize with other residents and family or friends. This often can lighten their mood, bring back cherished memories, and feel a sense of belonging.

From reading them the story of St. Patrick or teaching them an Irish "jig" dance, to playing a fun round of Lucky BINGO, your loved one will be smiling from ear to ear and getting some much-needed social time.

Whatever the activity, have fun, wear some green, and may the day bring you luck! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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