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Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Ever wonder what to do with your Grandma's (or mom's!) old Fine China teacup set!? For many of us, gone are the days of sipping tea on the front porch at 4pm from our finest porcelain. These teacups usually have a sentimental value, so rather than put them out at the next garage sale, why not re-purpose them for the birds? See below for how to create a beautiful bird feeder as easily as 1-2-3 steps!

Teacup Bird Feeders

What you need

  • "Vintage" teacup and saucer

  • Strong adhesive glue

  • Green Painter's tape

  • Birdseed

  • String, rope, or light chain

What to do

  1. Using the cup and saucer, establish an area on the saucer where the teacup can rest/lay safely and securely when glued (without too many gaps underneath). Make sure the teacup handle is facing up, as that is where it will hang from

  2. Using the glue, secure the teacup to the saucer and hold it down with green painter's tape until it is bonded and dry.

  3. Fill the cup and saucer with birdseed; it will naturally flow out of the cup, tie a string around the teacup handle and hang it outside! Like the one photographed here from Color Me Thrifty

For a different option, if hanging your bird feeder isn't possible, or you worry it may fall and break, try gluing the bottom of the teacup to the natural center of the saucer where it would usually sit! Fill it with birdseed, place it in an open area in the yard, balcony, or porch, and hear the birds chirp in delight! Be prepared also to get a visit from a few squirrels and chipmunks, as this is easy access to a tasty treat!

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