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If you're looking to add more nature to your indoor spaces that need very little care, then a terrarium may be just what you need!

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish! It is made in just about any glass container. It is planted to look like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in its own little world.

Succulent or Air Plant Terrariums


  • Mason jar or any open glass container/vase/candleholder

  • Succulent/Cacti Soil (if using succulents)

  • Gravel (if using both succulents or air plants)

  • Assorted items - Sea glass mix, coloured rocks, sand, or shells

  • 1 or 2 live succulent or air plants


  1. Start with a clean and clear glass jar or container. Your recycling bin is always a good place to start looking. Other fun options would be a fishbowl, coffee pot, pickle jar, and more.

  2. Cover the bottom of the jar with a layer of pebbles or gravel for drainage.

  3. If using succulents that require soil, add a thick layer of potting soil. It is a good idea to get potting soil made for indoor plants if you can.

  4. If using air plants that require very little maintenance and no soil, cover the bottom of the container with sand as a base. Then layer items such as gravel/pebbles and shells for a unique design.

  5. Shake off the dirt that comes with the plants. Use a spoon or your hands to create the hole for your plants.

  6. Plant small air plants, succulents, or even cacti in your soil or sand/gravel/rock layer and pat it in gently.

  7. Once you have your plants planted add additional moss, gravel, or decorative rocks to cover the soil.

  8. Finish with your small extra accessories, if you decide to use them.

Tips for caring for your terrariums

  • Keep your terrariums away from direct sunlight.

  • Keep succulent terrariums watered once a week (about an ice cube's worth of water). Do not overwater.

  • Air plants get most of their nutrients from the air but do require some watering. Once a week, remove the air plant and place it in a bowl of water and soak it for about 30minutes. Let dry in another location away from sunlight. Once fully dry, place back in the terrarium. Another option would be to use a spray bottle of water and mist 2 - 3 times a week.

**Note: Too much water will cause the plant to rot!

Always check with your garden centre or plant nursery for proper care and design ideas and instructions!

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