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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Happy Thanksgiving!

A fun way to spend this Thanksgiving day is by gathering with friends and family and making a fun turkey craft! This craft is easy to do and requires very little materials. It can even be done while you wait for that delicious dinner to be ready!


  • Craft paper in brown, orange, yellow, red, and pink (or your favourite colours!)

  • Craft Glue

  • Scissors

  • White paper for tracing turkey shapes


Step 1. Using the white paper as your template, draw the shapes below and carefully cut them out. This can be done ahead of time as they will be used for everyone to trace onto colourful paper to cut and create their turkey.

Step 2. Once all shapes have been cut out, begin tracing the large circle and the "bulb" shape onto the brown craft paper. This will act as the main body and head for the turkey.

Step 3. Using red craft paper, trace ad cut out the hands, feet, and waddle. Set aside.

Step 4. The turkey's beak, legs, and some feathers will be cut out from the yellow craft paper. For any remaining feathers, use a variety of colours.

Step 5. Once all shapes have been cut out, begin assembling your turkey!

Step 6. Fold the large circle in half and glue with head to the front. Assemble and attach with glue the remaining shapes using the example below. Let dry and display for all your guests to enjoy!

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