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These Hands...

Some of the most beautiful and profound moments we share with loved ones are those done with our hands. Whether it is for a handshake, the wiping of tears, the tussling of hair, the making of food, the building of toys, or simply just for holding, hands are used to communicate love, safety, confidence, and strength.

Today's activity honours the hands of our senior loved ones.

Begin by talking about some of the activities we do with our hands. This can bring out a variety of emotions, suggestions, and responses. Some may say they use them to build things such as toy cars or a family treehouse, others may offer that they use their hands for playing basketball, baking bread, or sewing clothes for their children.

In this activity, we ask you to create a photo experience with your loved one or the senior in your care. Set the stage with the simple placement of cherished items, such as flowers, letters, or beads, on a table. Position your senior's hands, on or near the items and photograph with only their hands and the cherished objects in view.

Once the photo is printed, it can be framed with a short sentence or two starting with the words "These hands...." and completing that statement with their ideas from your discussion.

The photograph and words can be kept with them as reminders of the hard work and strength they have had in their lives and the lives of those around them. Or perhaps it can be sent to a friend or family member as a gift. Whichever is decided, the impact will be as touching as the moments shared.

For more activities or to find out how we can positively impact the lives of seniors in your family, visit our website or call us today at (613) 769-1669.


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