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Turkey Trot!

One popular activity held during Thanksgiving, typically in the United States, is the annual Turkey Trot! A Turkey Trot is usually defined as a long-distance foot-race performed during the days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. This event has been so popular that it has started to include any form of physical fitness or activity.

Families and friends often gather in person or virtually to participate in a fitness activity for approx. one hour.

At times, donations to local food banks or monetary donations are provided for charities of their choice in order to give thanks and give back to the local community.

Here are some ideas to join in the Turkey Trot fun with your loved ones this holiday:

  • Take a walk in the park to look at the changing leaves

  • Walk around the neighbourhood to explore local events or sites

  • Enroll in a fitness class virtually or in-person

  • Do outdoor, or indoor, Yoga

  • Dance to your favourite music

  • Play your favourite game like tennis or golf

  • Do chair Yoga or Tai Chi

  • Toss a balloon

  • Play lawn bowling

  • Take a bicycle ride at a local trail

Take note that some activities depend on the mobility and ability of yourself and those in your care.

Whatever the activity, stay active and have fun!

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