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Winter Skin Care Tips

As winter continues, we are quickly reminded to find ways to keep our skin from drying and cracking under the harshest of elements.

With the dropping temperatures outside and rising temperatures inside, our skin is the first to notice any loss of moisture in the air.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your skin healthy during the winter months.

  • Avoid the temptation to take those long, hot showers. The heat will strip the skin of its natural oils and cause inflammation. Instead, take shorter, lukewarm showers and use gentle cleansers. Harsh soaps can be harsh on the skin. And don’t scrub! Be tender and let the water and lather do the work.

  • If you have dry, cracked skin, look for a cream or ointment with light petrolatum, hyaluronic acid and ceramides – the natural fats that make up the space between skin cells.

  • After bathing, pat the skin dry with a soft towel. Rubbing causes more irritation and inflammation. Add a moisturizer.

  • When dressing for the outdoors, wear layers. Soft fabrics like flannel and cotton cause little to no irritation compared to synthetic materials. Layers also are more effective against cold weather.

  • Hydration is key! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water during the winter months to hydrate your body, but also for your skin as it loses moisture this time of year.

Winter skin relief comes in many forms. Our skin needs hydration at night, too. Adding humidity to the air with a cool-mist humidifier will not only hydrate your skin but will also provide more restful sleep.


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