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You can detect Alzheimer's or dementia from the comfort of your own home through the use of the SAGE

If your elderly loved one has trouble with memory, decision-making, or thinking, here's what you can do. You can complete this pen-and-paper test for free in just 15 minutes from the comfort of your own home. It is an accurate way to identify early symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia.

Additionally, taking the SAGE test can help reassure you that your cognitive function is not impaired if you feel stressed or exhausted from caregiving.

The test, known as the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination, was created by specialists from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. It comprises 12 questions that evaluate different cognitive functions, including memory retention, language proficiency, and problem-solving skills. To guarantee accuracy, four versions of the test are available. This prevents individuals from inflating their scores through repetition and provides diversity among the trials.

The SAGE test is conveniently accessible from your home, free of charge, and can be found on the Ohio State University website. To access the test, click the link below to take you to the website, agree to the terms, and select one of the four test versions in your primary language.

You can also save all four versions to your computer for future use. After downloading, print the test and use a pen or pencil to complete it.

Although the test is not timed, it usually requires approximately 15 minutes. Sample questions on the test include:

  • Determining the number of nickels in 60 cents.

  • Calculate the change from a $20 bill when purchasing $13.45 of groceries.

  • Listing the names of 12 animals.

  • Drawing a large clock face set to 10 minutes after 11 o'clock.

Having a conversation with a doctor about test results is crucial. Don't assume that the results are a diagnosis. The SAGE test is a screening tool to help doctors identify early signs of cognitive impairment that may not be noticeable during a regular office visit. By administering the test over a while, doctors can track changes in cognitive ability and detect and treat health conditions early. If you would like to have the test reviewed, please let us know., it's essential to bring it to a doctor's attention. If there are indications of cognitive impairment, the doctor may suggest further testing.

Are you wondering about the advantages of detecting Alzheimer's early? Consider taking the SAGE test to determine the validity of your concerns. Although there is no cure for dementia, it's still important to speak with a doctor if the test results indicate an issue. An early diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia is crucial, as a treatable condition may cause cognitive impairment. The sooner you receive treatment, the faster you can eliminate mental symptoms. Moreover, starting treatment early is highly effective in managing symptoms and delaying the progression of Alzheimer's or dementia.

To detect Alzheimer's or dementia, take the SAGE test for free from the comfort of your home. Link to the SAGE Tests --->

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