This activity booklet is for caregivers who look after someone who has moderate to severe memory loss and need help with planning their daily activities.
Planning and caring for your loved one with memory loss can be a daunting task and become more difficult as the memory loss progresses.
We have created this activity booklet as a guide so you can both enjoy a range of stimulating activities.
Activities should be appropriate to the person and reflect their previous and present interests. Ensure the activities fit in with the person’s preferences and abilities and make sure they can cope with them physically.
Activities should be positive and enjoyable. The activities do not need to be done all in one visit or by yourself.  If you have family and friends who visit your loved one, ask them for help.
You can also hire a companion from a company for services to give you the rest you need.  It is essential for your health and will allow you to recharge your batteries so that you can continue caring for your loved one. Connect with us when you need respite Rest for short term or long term services.

Social Activity Booklet for People Living with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease


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