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Senior Home Safety Specialists

Elderly in-home care

We specialize in helping older adults maintain their independence by enabling them to live in their homes for as long as possible. 


Neglecting to address this issue can lead to difficulties and safety hazards for individuals who wish to remain in their homes as they age. It is crucial to take these necessary adjustments into consideration to ensure a safe and comfortable living space for seniors. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of homeowners fail to make the required modifications to facilitate aging in place.

We offer services to help seniors safely remain in their homes: Home Safety Assessments and Home Maintenance Services. 

  • Age Safe Canada Certified

  • Serving the community since 1998

  • Licensed & insured handyman

Helping Seniors Age in Place

A Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist is trained to assess the living environment of older adults and make recommendations on how to improve their safety to age safely at home. We are trained certified specialists in fall prevention, personal safety, and age-related financial fraud.

Make your house a safe place

The difficulty of climbing stairs and getting out of the shower can be concerning, but there are ways to stay safe and prevent accidents at home.

Maintain your independence

As we get older, everyday tasks and home upkeep become more difficult and hazardous. Our service assists seniors in maintaining their independence and remaining in their homes for a longer period of time.

Put your mind at ease

Maintaining your home is vital to increase its value over time. Regular repairs and maintenance are necessary investments that secure your asset for the future.

We assess:

  • Cognitive capacity (i.e. dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.) – What are older individuals' limitations and compensation options?

  • What physical abilities do the more senior person(s) have? What accommodations can be made in their home to move around safely?

  • What equipment is needed to make your home safer from fires and aid in prevention and escape?

  • How secure is the living environment of the older adult in terms of the physical building?

  • What safety techniques and safeguards can protect seniors and their families from crime, exploitation, scams, and theft?

  • What equipment can be used to improve communication between older adults and their caregivers or loved ones?

  • Aging in place home modifications: What changes and equipment can make seniors' homes safer as they age?

  • As seniors age, new technologies are constantly emerging to help them and their caregivers maintain independence and safety. This includes tools and recommendations for improving their daily lives.​

We will provide you with a written report containing 250 points of evaluation across 75 areas of your home with recommendations.


When should you consider hiring a senior home safety specialist?

Ideally, hiring a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist before you need them would be wise. Whether you or a senior loved one is planning to age in place at home or move in with a family member, it's vital to have an expert assess the living environment and make safety recommendations. These recommendations can help seniors maintain their independence and health for extended periods.

What does a Senior Home Safety Specialist do?

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